Ciumani No. 1366
Harghita county, Romania
Telefon: +4-0266-206.062
Fax: +4-0266-362.112
E-mail: hurom.buda[a]

The pension can accommodate 100 persons and a number of events can be organized at us, such as: wedding ceremonies, romantic dinners, parties, balls, feasts, birthay ceremonies and other events.
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Our company was founded in 1997 having the processing of timber as main activity.

Following the continuous investments and developments, we started to diversify our product range as well; hence we created a carpentry workshop fact which enabled us to process timber more efficiently.

The doors and windows are produced by our company from a material without knots, conjoined along the length and bound with a modern technology in accordance with the European standards. We also produce house elements and garden furniture.

Considering the wonderful landscape and the growth of the tourism in 2007, we inaugurated the Anda Pension located only at 5 km outside the city of Gheorgheni heading to the Red Lake (Lacul Roşu), in the valley of the Belchia River (Râul Belchiei).
Following the evolution of the internal and external marketplace of common use and professional products and regarding the people's high need to buy quality items delivered instantly and offered with warranty, we started to import and export a wide variety of products around the world.

The lack of entrepreneurs in the field of constructions made us adapt one part of the company to this market segment, hence a new section of our company was born in 2005 with over 50 workers qualified in the field of constructions and parks and open space development enabling us to undertake not only personal projects, but also lodges, private houses and industrial projects, like office buildings and development of green spaces.
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